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Bishop Message

Choosing a College is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.This announcement will provide  you with a brief introduction to life at UMPU/DC, the courses, programs and services, and will take you through the application process.

United Mission PU/Degree College was founded by the Church of South India in 1985 & 1993 respectively with the primary objective of providing University Education in a Christian atmosphere for deserving Students, especially those belonging to the marginalised Community. The College is an offshoot of the United Mission High School planted by the Wesleyen Mission which has a history of more than hundred and seventy five years. Great stalwarts like Sir. M Vishveshvariah , Kengal Hanumanthaiah, Diwan Sir MirzaIsmail, Chief Minister K.C. Reddy, Renowned Poet. T.T. Sharma and Puttanna Chettar- founder of Town Hall have all been Nurtured and moulded in this school classrooms. Taking on this rich legacy the College aims at training young men and women of quality to be leader in all walks of life, whom we hope will play a vital role in bringing aboutthedesiredchangesforthebettermentofpeopleofcountry, moreparticularly of the poorer and marginalized sections. United Mission PU/Degree College is affiliated to the University of Bangalore PUC Board approved and recognised and is managed by the Karnataka Central Dioceseheadedbythe Chairman The Most Rt. Rev. Dr. Prasanna Kumar Samuel.


The College trains young men and women to serve their fellowmen in justice, truth and love. It fosters an atmosphere of intellectual vigor and moral rectitude in which the youth of our country may find their fulfillment and achieve greatness as eminent men and womenof service.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Prasanna Kumar Samuel

Bishop & Chairman Board of Management