standard-title STUDENT COUNCIL


The student council is formed by the Principal and Staff which helps to maintain order, to promote active co-operation among college community, to foster intelligent interest and participation in college activities, to increase the sense of individual responsibility, personal integrity and loyalty and to prepare the students to contribute towards a strong India.

The college authorities have the right to dissolve an unsatisfactory and inefficient student council or change individual office Bearers who do not conform to college rules or in any way prove unworthy of the office they hold.

The Students are nominated for the following positions.

  1. President – Manohar
  2. Vice President – Asma
  3. General Secretary- Samarthan
  4. Treasurer – Santhosh
  5. Christian Leader – Shilpa / Gabriel
  6. Crisis Management Co-ordinator –  Vijay
  7. Cultural Co – ordinator- Shirin, William
  8. Sports Co – ordinator- Pavithra , Sridhar
  9. Campus Eco Conservator – Sneha
  10. Literary Co-ordinator – Kavya
  11. Library Co-ordinator- Shahid
  12. Value Education Co-ordinator –  Rahul
  13. Community Service Co-ordinator – Wilson